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Luca Pinton

  • 2018 Bachelor's degree in Informatics at Ca' Foscari University of Venice


Operating Systems known
Languages and CMS for web development
Other skills
  • Photoshop
  • Bootstrap
  • C, Java
  • Dokuwiki, phpBB
  • Problem solver, System Administrator, Network Administrator


I like everything related to computer science, from web design to the context of networks and security, in fact I daily update myself on technological innovations.

In my freetime I like to make something new with my PC or my loyal Raspberry Pi in multiple areas, including above all but not limited to networking (such as security, web server and website creation), photo editing and less frequently audio and video editing.

I think it's impossible to fully learn about a certain technology without getting your hands dirty, that's why I spend some time to study about a topic to learn what I need, but then I experiment more times to improve my skills.

Other areas that I like to follow are economics and finance, particularly related to bitcoin, and the world of cinema and TV series.


Contact me through social networks such as LinkedIn, otherwise fill out the form below. I'll reply as soon as possible.